Engineering Design

Air Intake Manifold designed for Ford ©. I solid modeled the part on SDRC Ideas © parametric feature-based software. Air mass flow rate is maximized when smooth (laminar); using calculus and Duct © software, originally written by Cambridge University and developed further by Ford, I ensured that the center-line path fuction was continuous through the third derivative, in other words, a 3D french curve.

Intake Manifold Assembly

The manifold major assembly consists of the Upper Intake and the Lower Intake; the secondary assembly includes various parts such as the Throttle Body. This front -3/4 view of shows the Throttle Body mounting flange on the left. The solid model was used for CAD / CAM to define the casting mold. To enable mass production and assembly, I specified ANSI-Y14 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.



& Concepting

Manual Sketching
NURBS & Solid Modeling
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